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Ranked #1 for ease of doing business, Singapore is both an excellent choice for an offshore business registration for those living and working from abroad and for those who wish to live in one of the top rated countries in the world.

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  • Foreigners can own 100% of their own company
  • Low tax rates
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2014 Singapore Company Registration

Why Incorporate in Singapore in 2014?

Top-ranked country in the world for ease of doing business

Singapore is ranked #1 by the World Bank for the ease of doing business. Singapore is the third wealthiest nation in the world by Forbes magazine. Ranked #1 as the most politically stable country in Asia. #1 in Asia for quality of life. Personal tax rates start at 0%, no estate/death/inheritance tax, and with an effective corporate tax rate of 8.5% up to $300,000 in profits.

Singapore is the third most globalized economy in a list of 60 of the world’s top economies according to Ernst and Young’s Globalization Index. All of this makes company registration in Singapore ideal for global business. 2014 Singapore Company Registration Guide.

Limited liability company

Private limited company is a limited liability company

A private limited company is its own legal entity, meaning it is separate from its shareholders and its directors. A Private Limited (Pte Ltd) Company can acquire property, take on debt, enter into contracts, defend or institute lawsuits in its own name. The liability of the shareholders of the company is limited to the amount that they each contributed in capital to the company. Private limited companies can raise capital by bringing on shareholders. Shareholders can become a member of the limited liability company at the time of the company registration or at a later time through the sale or new issue of shares.

Generally, investors prefer to invest in a business with a separation between their personal affairs and business affairs. This separation is harder to achieve through other kinds of business entities like sole proprietorship or partnership. Banks also prefer to lend money to Private limited companies rather than other business formations.

Incorporated business entities portray a more substantial image than a sole proprietorship or a partnership and investors will be more willing to make an investment into the company as it is a more structured and reliable vehicle for growth and expansion. As a private limited company, potential clients, bankers, professionals and suppliers will take you more seriously in business.

As a Singapore private limited company, your effective tax rate will be much lower than in most other jurisdictions worldwide.

The corporate tax rate for a private limited company in Singapore for profits under S$300,000 is effectively 8.5%. The maximum tax rate is just 17% on profits over S$300,000. There is no capital gains tax. Further, Singapore utilises a single-tier tax policy so all income is taxed at the corporate level. Therefore dividends can be dispersed among shareholders tax free. Finally, Singapore provides a less limited means for exiting a company through sale or mergers as you are not limited by the nationality of the purchaser. As a result of all of these we recommend the private limited company as the most suitable of business formation types for establishing a legal entity in Singapore.  Learn more about a Singapore Private Limited Company.

Singapore offshore company

Easy of setup while operating from aboard

Singapore is #1 choice among foreign individuals and companies looking for reduced taxation and ease of foreign trade while also gaining the credibility as being a Singapore based company. The advantages of incorporating a company in Singapore as an offshore business include tax benefits and simplification of company set up and administration. With the new changes in financial disclosure laws all across the world, the choice of jurisdiction where you incorporate as an offshore company will potentially have significant consequences for your company’s future. A Singapore offshore company arguably is the lowest taxed corporate entity that is simple and easy to operate in one of the world’s most politically and economically stable environments. Plus the ease of company registration in Singapore makes the whole process much simpler when compared to other jurisdictions.  

Ownership by a foreign person

Singapore allows 100% foreign ownership of registered companies

As a foreigner you will be able to own and operate your own private limited company whether it is operated from outside or within Singapore and will retain all the benefits on tax rates, credibility, and ease of maintenance without having an actual physical presence in Singapore. As a foreign individual if you plan to operate your business from within Singapore and immigrate as an individual or with your family you can fairly easily obtain an appropriate visa. On the other hand if you chose to operate your company from overseas we can provide you with all the onshore local support you will need for maintaining the compliance of your business. As a Singapore based business you are also able to take advantage of Singapore’s attractive corporate income tax rates and the large Double Tax Avoidance Treaty network.

Ownership by a foreign company

From subsidiary companies to branch office to representative office

As a foreign company registering to setup in Singapore, you will have the choice of setting up subsidiary office, a branch office, or a representative office in Singapore.

Subsidiary Company

  • Singapore allows 100% foreign ownership in companies.
  • Most preferred formation for small to mid-size foreign businesses
  • Excellent tax efficient corporate body
  • A Singapore subsidiary company is considered a separate entity from the foreign company
  • Company registration process is fairly straightforward

Branch Office

  • A Singapore branch office is a registered legal entity
  • Is treated as an extension of the foreign company
  • A branch office is generally considered a non-resident entity
  • Generally a less attractive option for most businesses.
  • Company registration process can be somewhat complicated by regulations of the parent company’s jurisdiction

Representative Office

  • Cannot enter contracts, or engage in trading directly
  • Good for undertaking market research
  • A representative office is considered a non-resident entity
  • Must be staffed by a representative from the foreign company
  • Company registration process can be somewhat complicated by regulations of the parent company’s jurisdiction

Other Types of Business Entities in Singapore

Singapore offers a variety of business entities for different business needs

Although most choose to register a private limited company as the formation of choice in Singapore other business formations do exist but with varying degrees of protection for the members.

Limited Liability Partnership

  • Most recent and most advanced alternative business incorporation structure
  • Combines the features of both partnerships and companies
  • Primarily geared for professionals (Lawyers, Doctors, etc)
  • Generally not suited for a business that carries a trade
  • Business registration is fairly straight forward and easy
  • Learn more about a Singapore Limited Liability Partnership.

Limited Partnership

  • Introduces the concept of a limited partner
  • Liabilities are limited to the partner’s investment
  • Additional liabilities lie in the hands of the managing partners
  • Business registration is fairly straight forward and easy
  • Learn more about a Singapore Limited Partnership.

General Partnership

  • Partners are personally liable for the debts and liabilities of the business
  • Partners can be held responsible for the actions of another partner
  • Business registration is fairly straight forward and easy
  • Learn more about a Singapore General Partnership.

Sole Proprietorship

  • Cheapest of the business formation options
  • Must be a Singapore Resident
  • Basically is same as what is commonly called a DBA in other jurisdictions
  • Sole proprietorship is not a separately incorporated entity from the individual
  • The owner personally owns all assets and liabilities of the business
  • Entrepreneurs are usually unaware of this enormous financial risk
  • Business registration is fairly straight forward and easy
  • Learn more about a Singapore Sole Proprietorship.